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May 28, 2018 - Comments Off on Harry & Meghan; should they have opted for a destination wedding? My answer might surprise you!

Harry & Meghan; should they have opted for a destination wedding? My answer might surprise you!

Heyyy, it’s been a while right, well here I am jumping on the royal wedding chat. I wasn’t going to write any content about the Royal Wedding of Ms Meghan Markle & HRH Prince Harry, but I surprised myself & had a grand old time last weekend celebrating at a friends Royal Wedding party, albeit with one too many glasses of Prosecco. It only seemed right to theorise some of my musings a week on from the nuptials...

Should our Harry & Megs have sacked off Windsor & planned an intimate celebration away from all the hoopla?

Sounds dreamy right? Bags packed, Corgis booked into the kennels & jetting off to a secluded spot with their nearest & dearest… I don’t think many would have blamed them!

Whilst this does feel like it’s a big up to all the sceptics out there - including my husband who decided to build a ladder for the cat to avoid the television – even a dedicated royal would understand why a destination wedding would benefit the couple. I refuse to give air to any of the negativity that surrounded their engagement, but amidst all the horrific bile that was published I can envisage a late night whisper between Harry & Meghan;


“Can we just get away from it all?”


As an utterly obvious advocate of destination weddings, something's stopping me from committing to this theory that they should have got married away from the circus. And therein lies why I can’t quite get on board with this notion, the “should” word.

There is no should about a wedding. Simple as.

Doing things your way, what’s honest to you & your story as a couple. You can’t go wrong.

For Harry & Meghan, public life in front of the cameras is an integral part of their reality. For Harry as soon as he was born & for Megan she’s chosen a career in this vain. Yes there was their duty & maybe a few odd cousins they could have done without but their ceremony was unapologetically them, the modern royals.

From the handpicked flowers from their own garden to the soul stirring Kingdom Choir singing Stand By Me. The day was undoubtedly beautiful to the eye, yet more poignantly each & every detail purposefully chosen to reflect their story & cultural intricacies.

What tipped me over the edge & had the tears running down my cheeks, was the palpable warmth, affection & love shown for one another throughout. And ultimately, they couldn’t of had their wedding any other way…

What do you think? Would you opt for a big wedding at home or an intimate celebration in Europe? If you would like a destination wedding as part of your story, get in touch with Kate to discuss your wedding plans! Click here for more information & get in touch!

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